Frozen Yogurt & Fruit Tower Dessert

It’s about time I used our ice cream maker to make some frozen yogurt. But what to do with it? Well I’ve decided to make a fancy tower dessert like you see on cooking shows on TV.

I’m going to use the freezer biscuits for the layers, and add some fruit into the mix. Between the fruit and frozen yogurt, and only putting 2 biscuits in each tower, I’m hoping it won’t be too unhealthy.


A quick check with the Flavor Bible to see what goes with my coffee/pepper/chocolate & cream cheese/walnut biscuits gave me the idea to use dried apricots and prunes for the fruit.

I found this recipe for apricot frozen yogurt, so I’ll use that and just use dried apricots in it.

Finally I want to top it with some fancy sugar work. I’m going to start with what seems like the easiest thing to do: shards. I’ll follow this BBC recipe, but I’ll be using my sugar thermometer to check the temperature reachers 150C rather than just looking for ‘deep golden brown’ colour.


So I got all set up… then realised I’d probably need more heat than the small burner and switched to the back burned, and then fiddled endlessly with the probe to make sure it was still in the right place.


As  soon as it hit 150C I turned off the heat, carefully removed the probe with oven gloves, more oven gloves for picking up the pan, and poured out onto a silicone mat to cool. It looks a bit thick for a shard, but there’s not much I can do about that now… so I just have to wait for it to cool.


Cracking it with a spoon is fun! It is a little thick: I think I’ll have to be more bold about pouring boiling sugar onto the mat next time! However it does have a really deep caramel flavour.


So the stack is layers of biscuits, frogurt & prunes, topped with a caramel shard, and surrounded by strawberries and pomegranate jelly (aka surrounded by things we had in the fridge :).


All very nice! OK they stacks fell over shortly after the pictures were taken, but there was a lovely mix of textures backing a summer fruits taste theme.


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