BBQ Pork Chops, Pineapple & Flatbread

The plans for today’s dinner (Menchi-Katsu & korokke) have gone out the window due to the good weather, which is a great excuse to get out in the garden and barbecue.

A trip to the local butchers for inspiration ended up with me buying some thick pork chops. Before discovering America’s Test Kitchen I would have barbecued pork chops by just throwing them on the barbecue and turning a few times until over-cooked.

Thankfully I know better than that nowadays! The latest Cook’s Country that turned up in the post yesterday, which featured a hoisin-glazed pork chop with pineapple salsa. However in the end I’m going with smoking the chops, because… well because I’m still liking the novelty of smoking things in the barbecue. So I’ll be following this ATK recipe for smoked pork chops, and doing the pineapple on the grill as the end in rings using my new pineapple spiralling toy.


I’ve also read recently that you can cook flatbread on the barbecue, so I’ve refreshed my Sodo starter and will be trying that out.

So chops get skewered so they can sit on their side.


And wow they look good.


Finally we’ll revive the plan for korokke and have sweet potato cakes, baked in the oven with it.


Everything tastes amazing! Tender meat, spicy sauce, caramelised pineapple, crispy bread, and the fat is the best crackling ever!

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