Japanese ‘Okonomiyaki’ Pancake

I decided I wanted to try and make one of those Japanese omelettes that have the tomato ketchup and mayo sprayed all over them.


However when I went searching for recipes I came across something more interesting in Harumi’s Japanese cooking (p108): okonomiyaki, a Japanese-style pancake topped with egg. Apparently the name is a portmanteau of ‘okonomi’ meaning ‘anything you want’ and ‘yaki’ meaning cooked!

Harumi’s version has a pancake base, with squid, pork, cabbage & bean sprouts filling, topped with noodles then fried egg! I’m going to use bacon for the pork :)

It all looked good while cooking.


Things got a bit messy getting things out of the pans… but I managed to stack it all together, mostly…


Despite all varied parts, it actually tasted pretty good. Certainly good hangover food!

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