Potluck Pilaf Empanadas

There’s a leaving do potluck tomorrow, and it only got announced on Tuesday, so I had to scramble together an idea from stuff I already had lying around, and could be made in an evening. Also as I normally bake sweet treats for work I wanted to do something savoury for a change.

The only savoury thing I have lying around is some of Soph’s turkey pilaf  that’s in the freezer. I wondered if I could get away with doing empanadas with a rice filling, and a quick Google tells me that’s fine. I just hope they’ll be OK cold, as we only have a microwave at work and that would ruin the pastry…

Talking of pastry, for that I’ll use the same pastry I used for leftover empanadas previously. However this time I’m doing mini-empanadas so I can cut out shapes with a cutter rather try (and fail) to roll out my own circles.


While a rimmed tray is heating in the 200C fan oven I prep all the empanadas, crimping down the edges with a fork.


Once the tray has heater it gets 2 tbsp of rapeseed oil in it and heats for a couple more minutes in the oven while the empanadas get brushed with more oil. Then the empanadas go into the hot oily tray for 30 minutes, turning half way through.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThen it’s onto a cooling rack. A couple have opened up a bit, either from not being sealed properly or bursting their sides, but generally I’m pretty happy at this point.



After a little cooling we had a taste of one of the broken ones, and it tastes great warm!

Tomorrow I’ll pack them into my bicycle panniers and hope that they survive the bumpy journey to work!

I’ll update this post when they’ve been tasted tomorrow and I know how they work cold.

Update: they work fine cold. Not as nice as while warm, but the pastry is still lovely and short, and people have been very complimentary about them :)


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