Italian Easter Pie

Going with the Easter vibe I’m doing an Italian Easter Pie from Cook’s Country. I’m basically following the recipe, but replacing the various cheeses and sausages with what I could get in the UK: feta, mozzarella, chorizo, and unusually a donkey sausage that I’d picked up from Borough Market a few months back. So while Christians will spend tomorrow eating crackers and pretending it’s the flesh of Jesus, we’ll spend today eating the horse he rode in on :P

Also I didn’t put in a kilo of cheese (!) for the filling, so it didn’t fill the cake tin fully, hence the fold-over:


45 minutes later and it’s looking pretty good.



The next we cur into it… and it’s looking delicious.


We had it for lunch with a simple salad.


It tastes exactly as you’d want this sort of pie: full of meaty and cheesy flavours. The donkey sausage was a little chewy, and probably would have benefitted from being cut much thinner like salami, but it had a really rich flavour. It probably would have done with some more broccoli, and maybe another veg in the mix, maybe spinach?

This would make an excellent picnic pie, so the next time we have one I’ll pop to Borough Market again for some more donkey sausage!

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