Xmas Cakes

Soph has once again made Xmas cake this year. She’s doing one big one for us, and two smaller ones (‘fun size’) to give as presents.

Soph’s cakes are based on a BBC Good Food one but Soph uses her own mix of dried fruit with extra figs, apricots, dates, etc. The were made at the start of December, and fed with extra Calvados every weekend.


Two weeks before Christmas Soph made marzipan (same one as used for the stollen) and covered the cakes.


Then in the last weekend they get covered in royal icing, based on Delia’s recipe.


Then we decorated with fondant icing, using a holly leaf stamp to make the leaves, and just rolling balls for the berries.

1496697_10151739100086152_1983084214_nAnd after practicing on our cake, Soph did the presents.


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