Sourdough Puttanesca Calzone

More using up the rye sourdough starter without making the standard bread. After making the muffins earlier, I took the rest of the refreshed sourdough, added 200g white bread flour, 100g wholemeal plain flour, 1 tsp salt and let the mixer do its thing… then added a tiny amount of water as it looked dry. A tiny amount, and it made a huge difference. I’m learning a lot about hot that goes recently!

It proved for an hour or so before rolling out and having Soph’s puttanesca dolloped on it.

IMG_1476Then it’s folded over and sealed and moved to a lined baking tray.

IMG_1478Then bake at 160c fan for 40mins, swapping levels half way through (it’s one each… no sharing for us!).

Serve with salad, with Soph’s dressing.

IMG_1481Initially it seemed rather dry and tough… but it turned out that was just the crust. Next time I’ll make the crust thinner… Anyway the actual main part of the calzone was great… although that may just ave been Soph’s puttanesca!

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