Rye Sourdough – Marrow Again!

The last of our marrow crop was still in the fridge, so I got the chance to try and re-create last week’s success with avoiding the shoulder tears.

So once again, long prove on the second day, then deep cut down the middle and water spray just before going in the oven. Oh also, which I forgot to mention last week, during proving I sprayed the top of the load with vegetable oil spray, mainly to help avoid any sticking to the plastic bag it sits in, but this might also help with the crust.

CameraZOOM-20130915112552390Out of the oven and all looks well!

CameraZOOM-20130915122823681So now it’s the wait for it to cool on the rack before I can slice and taste…

CameraZOOM-20130915122930503Cutting into it: same as last week, it’s good! And tastes great too! However… as with last week, a little damp. I forgot that I mentioned to Soph last week that I should let cool in the oven, or cook longer lower to try and dry it out more… Something for next time. At least the shoulder tears are finally sorted!



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