Marrow Rye Sourdough

With lots of marrow to use this week’s bread had to use it. So on the second day I added 300g of grated marrow to the mix, and put in only a splash of water not the full 200ml (as marrow is mostly water).



I’ve decided to go back to using the tin. The banneton made very rustic looking bread, but the shape wasn’t good for toasting and putting sardines on top of. 


Before putting in the oven I made a deep (2-3cm) score down the middle of the dough, and sprayed with water, in an attempt to avoid the tears in the side I normally get. This was especially important as I proved it for longer than usual by forgetting to start the timer… 



And hey presto it seems to have worked! No tears in the shoulders, and a better rise than normal!

CameraZOOM-20130908081028275Inside it looks good! A little moist at the bottom, I normally get that when adding veg. Maybe even more cooking time? Maybe more on a lower heat to dry out? Hmm… Anyway it tastes great toasted, and I’m looking forward to sardines on toast for breakfast in the week :)


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