Freezing Cookie Dough

Sometimes you just need a hit of something sweet. To avoid running to the local shop for a chocolate bar, I’m going to try freezing some cookie dough. It’s not going to save any calories, it might be more healthful, I might feel slightly less guilt about it… or at least increased ‘home baked smugness’ :-)

In an attempt to keep things healthful I went with a fruit and nut oat cookie. A pretty standard recipe from American’s Test Kitchen’s baking book.


The recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of mixture per cookie – mmm huge cookies! Turns out a mashed potato scoop is 3 tablespoons, so I used that to portion out cookies to cook.


And of course some for freezing, with less space between them.


These go into the freezer (which we cleaned out yesterday to make space for this sort of thing).


The ones to cook get flattened before cooking.


They cook until the edges start to set, so hopefully chewy inside.


Then cool before eating.

CameraZOOM-20130818160247875After setting in the freezer, so they’re not longer sticky, it’s into a bag for the frozen ones.



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