Cappuccino Meringue Berry Frogurt

A few weeks ago I bought a pack of egg whites.


Yep: these days you can buy a carton of eggs whites. Useful for healthy omelettes and the like… except I’ve not done that. I’ve ended up using them for meringues…

I liked Nigela’s idea of Cappuccino ones, so I’ve following her recipe, but instead of cream I’m using frozen yogurt and berries.

It all starts with mixing the sugar and coffee powder.


The carton of egg whites says 1 medium egg white is 2 tbsp of egg white, so 8 tbsp of egg whites go into the mixer with a pinch of salt. These are whisked to soft peaks.


Then the sugar/coffee mix is added while whisking, one tbsp at a time.

IMG_20130706_190849This then gets whisked to firm peaks.

IMG_20130706_191037Then cornflour and white wine vinegar are folded in.

IMG_20130706_191325By now the peaks are looking less firm…

IMG_20130706_191610I’m going to use the meringue to practice piping things… so into a piping bag.

IMG_20130706_191639I piped onto a silicone sheet-lined baking tray. First sheet was just some ‘kisses’.

IMG_20130706_192553Second sheet I got a little more creative.


Then I decided to try sprinkling some of the kisses with cocoa powder to see what that does…

IMG_20130706_192641The cooking takes some time… Oven starts at 160c fan, but as soon as the meringues go in it goes down to 130c fan. They cook for an hour, then you turn off the oven and leave them in there until it’s fully cool… overnight if you have the time!

IMG_20130707_091825They’ve expanded a bit, so some of them are stuck to the ones next to them. They are nicely cooked though! The outside is nice and crispy, and the inside is nice and gooey.

Then you just crush it up and throw it in a bowl with some zero-fat greek coconut yogurt, berries and low-fat frozen yogurt.


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