More Sweet Potato Rye Sourdough

Just a slight variation on the sweet potato rye sourdough I’ve been making

The flour I added was mostly spelt with some strong white bread flour to make up the weight.

IMG_20130623_083944To the sweet potato I added the usual ginger, but also some garlic. Not sure this will work with the cinnamon, but it works with the ginger and sweet potato, so we’ll see…

IMG_20130623_083941At the last minute I remembered the ‘fun stuff’ from Borough, and mixed that it.


Finally the usual ‘omega 3 sprinkle’ mix on top. I gave it a really good patting down today, to try and reduce the amount that falls off. After about 45mins proving it was ready for the oven.

IMG_20130623_094515After 15mins at max and then 45mins at 180c fan, things are nicely cooked.


However the top has sort of detached from the rest of the loaf! I blame the strong white bread flour…

IMG_20130623_104810The seeds certainly stayed on better this time, so I’ll be sticking with giving then a really firm push down in the future. The slightly soggy line at the bottom was back :( Can it need even longer in the oven? Or higher temp? I’ll have to think on that…

The garlic doesn’t clash with the cinnamon, and generally just adds to the depth of flavour, although there is a bit of an aftertaste which people who don’t love garlic as much as we do might not like.




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