With the brief good weather yesterday we decided to make the most of it and have an impromptu barbecue. Nothing exciting just veg skewers, homemade potato salad (including homemade mayonaise), homemade burgers (on bought rolls, as we didn’t have time to do our own :( ).

For dessert we had strawberries and mint-choc-chip ice-cream. The ice-cream was actually the fake banana ice-cream I’ve written about previously (bottom of this article). I just added a handful of fresh mint leaves (form the garden!) and about 70g of dark chocolate and pulsed in the food processor with the frozen banana. What comes out looks like proper min-choc-chip ice-cream: it’s green with chunks of dark chocolate! (No pics I’m afraid, we forgot :( ). However the taste is not the same: the fresh mint tastes very different from the flavouring used for mint ice-cream. It’s nice, but not the same.

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