Jam Roly-Poly Makeover

I finally got around to trying the Jam Roly-Poly makeover I talked about previously.

To start with a water bath goes in the over.

Water Bath


Then its doing the strawberries, which as we’re not using sugar it’s just strawberries in a pan with cinnamon. My plan was for 500g of strawberries, but due to a 3 for 2 offer at the supermarket I had loads extra, so I used two 400g punnets, so 800g total.



This took bloody ages to reduce down. There’s a reason strawberries are so low cal: they’re just water! After about 30mins we finally got down to a sort of paste consistency.



While that was bubbling away, the roly-poly part was much easier. Flour, suet, vanilla extract, Flora Cusine in a bowl.



That gets mixed together, and milk is added bit by bit to get a sticky dough.



This goes onto a very floury surface and is rolled out to a rough 25cm square.



The strawberry compote is spread on, then you roll it up.



As you can see there’s an excess of strawberries, so that had to be scrapped off. Then once all rolled up it was onto baking parchment lined foil.

Parchment Foil


This gets rolled up so it’s air tight, before going in the oven for an hour.

Ready to cook


After an hour we unwrapped it… and it looked good!



Cutting into it… yep still looking good!



Now we just need the ice cream. This is super-healthy banana fake ice cream. All you need a frozen slices of banana. We now freeze any banana that is starting to go off so we can make this stuff :) Start by putting your frozen banana slices in the food processor.

Frozen Banana


Then blitz, scrapping the mixture down as required. To start with you just get chopped up bits of frozen banana, but after some more blitzing it goes smooth.



Then just scoop it into the bowl with the jam roly-poly.



Conclusion? It was OK… but really needed to be sweeter. It clearly really needs the sugar. Given the makeover didn’t save that many calories in the first place… you may as well just have proper jam roly-poly when you want it and not worry about trying to make it healthier.

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