I have no idea what General Tso’s Chicken is, but the calorie makeover I stumbled upon caught my eye. Turns out it’s from a book on making comfort food healthier: right up my street!

In there is a jambalaya recipe. I love the idea of a spicy one-pot from southern USA, and if you can do it for a reasonable amount of calories… RESULT!

The recipe I found… well it’s very clever and you should but the book! But the basics are: variety of meet & stock veg…Ingredients

Recipe says cook chicken then remove from bones. The recipe is right. Don’t do what I did and try and take the meat of first…

Anyway, pot on the hob, get some Maillard reaction going on for the meat, meanwhile blitz the veg in the food processor, then add to the mix…


Cook on the hob, add rice & stock and bring to the boil…. cook in the oven for 30mins, then eat! Except the rice wasn’t done. It took another 500ml of water and another  30mins more on the hob it turns out… and eventually…


And if I say so myself… #NOM! This is great stuff. Buy the book, follow the recipe and enjoy it :)

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